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Radical Reimagining will be an online space to exchange ideas about the world we can build, and celebrate those already showing the way.

It values visionary futurism and ideas of the world grounded in justice, community and sustainability. It honors the deep resilience already present in many peoples.

What the history of the world will look like is up to us to create. In the face of the climate crisis and other social and natural disasters, the future may look uncertain. We can be grounded in present realities, but also hold off the the abyss of a techno-dystopian future. This will be more than a discussion on technology or policies, it will be a residence of creativity and vision.

The refrain“another world is possible” is being echoed in ways it hasn’t since the peak days of the World Social Forum. People are hungry for new mythologies, more accurate histories. They’re tearing down statues and proclaiming that the stories we’ve been told are not the ones we need to pass on. The stories we are told about who we are and what we will become has a profound impact on the journey ahead.

What I’m asking for is not stories of utopias. What I want is just a livable future. Yes, 2020 has been a time of horror, and the painful truth is that things may not get better. There will be ongoing struggles for survival ahead - there is no doubt about that. I also know that we can still thrive. I’m done with bleak techno-futures that are filtered in greyish yellow. Let’s build new mythologies and lift up existing ones that place resilient communities at the center. Let’s move beyond dystopia.

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