“I must say the journey was very healing. I got to interact with people who normally came to scratch through the dump for food, some even to feed their families
COVID has inadvertently brought many people more in tune with their local community. Instead of daily commuting or even international travel, we’ve…
Sharing and generosity are crucial during these times, but so is justice.
Hope, like matter, cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed.
During some of the darkest periods of my life, there is a quote from the poet Li Young Lee that has almost become a mantra for me. In an interview he…
"Instead of the exhaustion from constantly paddling against the tide, I could see a clearer pathway forward."
"While we may not be seeing the stories we need in pop culture, people everywhere are embodying these transformative values more and more in their…
"One of the most important things you can do to ensure a livable future is to recognize that relationships matter."
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